Wedding Reception Slideshows: A few of your wedding images displayed at your wedding!

Who has been to a wedding reception and seen a slideshow, not of childhood photos of the bride and groom, but of the wedding photos taken earlier that day? I thought I would try doing this, even though I cringe at the thought of displaying my unedited photos in public!! I gave it a go for the first time at a wedding last month, and the reaction was very positive! The guests seem to get very excited and enjoyed seeing photos from the wedding day while they were still celebrating. Wouldn't it be SO much fun to instantly see some of the captured memories from the day while it was happening?! Since then, I have provided these slideshows at two more weddings and received a similar response:) For these slideshows, I choose approximately 20 to 30-ish images during the dinner and, if there is an event that requires coverage during that time (toasts, etc.), either my 2nd shooter covers it or I jump up and cover it myself. These images are then looped and shown on my laptop, or a TV screen, when available. I usually set it up on a table off to the side somewhere (near the bar works well because there's a steady flow of traffic, and --as fellow photog David Jay has pointed out-- the photos look better and better as the night goes on:)). It isn’t something I offer as a guaranteed service with my wedding collections, but is a bonus for all my wedding clients when time allows during their reception.

What about you? Are you a bride who had a slideshow at your reception? What was your experience like? As a photographer have you tried it? What type of results have you had? I'd love to hear from you on this!