Sizing and Cropping Photographs

Most, if not all, of the photos in your online gallery are sized for a 4x6 print or multiple thereof (i.e. 16x24, 20x30, etc.). This is because your image was originally captured at a 2x3 size which is the standard for photographic equipment. What does this mean? It means that no cropping will happen at those sizes; however, there will be some cropping for 5x7's and more for 8x10's, 11x14's, etc. so keep this in mind when placing orders. If you have a specific size you are looking for and want your image delivered to you in that size (digitally), please communicate that to your photographer so they can deliver your digital files in the exact size you are looking for!

The image below shows the amount of cropping at a 16x20 size, vs. no cropping at the other sizes.

I hope this is helpful! Please ask any questions I didn't answer in the comments below:)

sizing and cropping