Remodel by Complete Property Group, LLC

I don’t get the chance to photograph Real Estate often, but when I started my photography business I had imagined that I would be specializing in it. Before my photography career, I bought, flipped, and rented property. I love finding the right fixer-upper and making it beautiful! However, after the bubble busted in October 2007 I put the buying and flipping on hold. However, my earliest photography work was in real estate. Hence the name, 205 Photography, for Birmingham area real estate photography. Clever, huh:) I am so happy I didn’t limit myself to this genre; however, when I do get the opportunity to shoot Real Estate now I have the sense of getting back to my “roots”. I still love the real estate business so any chance I get to combine these two passions is a treat for me! It was awesome to see the transformation of this beautiful Birmingham, AL remodel below. I shot the “before” images this summer and the “after” images this fall. Amazing work by Complete Property Group, LLC!


This closet was to become a shower. You can see the writing on the wall:b